Who is Kapil Thukral

Kapil Thukral is a self-employed solo-business owner, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, social selling trainer, solopreneur coach, and LinkedIn specialist who is highly regarded by those he has worked with. With over 90 LinkedIn recommendations, Kapil has built a reputation as a knowledgeable and skilled professional in his areas of expertise.

As an author on Amazon, Kapil has published a couple of #1 best-selling books that help individuals understand the ins and outs of social selling, solopreneurism, side-hustle, prospecting, lead generation, and maximizing the potential of LinkedIn for personal and professional gain. He is likely well-versed in the latest strategies and techniques for these areas and is able to communicate them in an easy-to-understand manner for his readers.

In his role as a social selling trainer, Kapil helps individuals and organizations understand how to effectively use social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, to drive sales and build relationships with potential customers. He is highly skilled at demonstrating how to create engaging content, how to build a strong personal brand, how to write effective mails & personalized messages, and how to leverage social media networks to connect with target audiences.

As a solopreneur coach, Kapil is well-equipped to help individuals who are starting their own business or are looking to take their existing solopreneurial ventures to the next level. He is highly knowledgeable about the unique challenges faced by solopreneurs, such as balancing work and personal life, managing finances, sales, technology, tools and marketing and promoting their business. He is able to provide guidance, support, and encouragement to help solopreneurs overcome these challenges and succeed in their ventures.

Finally, as a LinkedIn specialist, Kapil has honed his skills in helping individuals and organizations make the most of this powerful professional networking platform. He is a real-world practitioner who is skilled in using LinkedIn to build a strong personal brand, expand one's professional network, and connect with potential customers and clients. He is able to demonstrate how to create an engaging LinkedIn profile, how to leverage LinkedIn's various features, and how to use LinkedIn to build relationships and drive business.

Overall, Kapil Thukral is a highly skilled and knowledgeable individual who is dedicated to helping others succeed in the areas of social selling, solopreneurism, book-writing, course creation, and LinkedIn utilization. With over 90 LinkedIn recommendations, he has built a reputation as a trusted and respected professional in his fields of expertise. Whether you are an individual looking to start your own business, write a book start an online course business or an organization looking to drive sales through social media like LinkedIn, or simply looking to make the most of LinkedIn for personal and professional gain, Kapil is likely the go-to expert for guidance and support.