Social Selling Strategies

We are living in Digital-Social Economy, where buyers meet you Digitally and Socially even before they meet you personally.

And all the sales training and Personal Branding training train you with the assumption that you are having a buyer waiting for you in a meeting room.

But Practically, it does not work like that. There are a lot of steps you need to take to get to that meeting room where you can use your sales training and personal branding training.

And in SalesMOJO's Social Selling Bootcamp, we are going to show you the exact same system which you need to use to get meetings with buyers. Case study on how to (digitally) talk to a CEO of an INR 2000 crore company and much more.

We will empower you with must needed start-up scale-up skills like- how to build a powerful digital personal brand, how to start digital conversations with buyers even before you meet them

Today’s salesforce is ditching phones and leveraging social media to find prospects and close deals. While Social Selling continues to drive higher revenue and increase pipeline, most organizations still do not have a social selling strategy for their sales organization. Although companies understand why Social Selling is important, but they don’t know how to leverage the social wave. It’s time for these organizations to implement a Social Selling culture before they get left behind.

Have you health checked your social pulse today? If not then do it immediately and imbibe the culture of social selling with your sales methodology to outperform your competition. A single social seller showcases 40% more productivity than traditional seller.

A combination of Social selling strategies with calling and mailing strategies or a combination of social selling strategies with account management, produces significantly high returns on energy, time, motivation and money.

Integrate Social Selling Strategies in to your Sales Methodology today and if you need free consultation or POC on the results and amazing outcomes of social selling training and coaching, then Pick-up the damn phone and call us today. Our numbers are mentioned at the end of this page.

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Social Selling Strategies