Social Selling Training Integration in India

Are you working hard on the sales methodologies and processes to improvise your yearly goal of better account management, prospecting, reaching out to the decision makers to shorten the sales cycle?

Do you know where the buyers and decision maker are going today?

Have you read the social selling researches published by Forrester, Sales Benchmark Index, CEB, SiriusDecisions to find the answer of the above mentioned 2nd question? If not the according to them the buyers and decision makers are going very much digital and 57% of buyer's journey propelled without the involvement of the seller. Now you can wonder what is happening during the 57% buyer's journey?

And to get the answers you have 2 choices either stay on your course or change your course by going where buyers and decision maker are going i.e. Digital (Social Media like LinkedIn, Twitter etc.). Early movers will have the advantage of becoming the part of 57% of buyer's journy. Now you can ask the question HOW? Talk to Us

Listen to what Digital Rooms are saying?- Start your social listening!
Why social selling is important

As per the MHI latest study and research, the number of decision makers involved in a typical deal is increasing and parallely the size of selling teams involved in individual deals has also increased and these facts lead to couple of curious questions like: How to prepare a value proposition that will resonate with these 6 decision maker? How to connect and collaborate with these buyers and decision makers? How to understand the buyer's personas? How to work towards their personal, professional and political objectives to achieve them their Vision?

And the answer to all these are Social Listening, Digital Reputation, Contents Insights by using the social selling/ media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you have not started integrating the digital sales channels. then do it because this is the place where buyers are going for the knowledge, information, feedback and suggestions. Get you #socialsellingmojo and become the part of buyer's journey. Talk to us if you need any assistance our insights on how to integrate the social selling or to know "Why should I opt for it and How this social selling buzzword is going to make a difference to me as an individual and on my organizational objectives?"